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Do you want to let yourself be tempted by a garden orchid? Here are five qualities that will conquer you!

1. Perennial and Hardy

Unlike orchids of tropical origin, hardy orchids are completely adapted to the climatic conditions of Europe and North America and do not require, once planted in the garden, any special attention.

2. Varied Range

Present in a natural state in very varied environments (sunny lawns, undergrowth, wetlands…), you will without difficulty find the variety that suits your garden.

3. Grace and Originality

The beauty of their flower and the great diversity of colour and form available will offer you flowerbeds combining both originality and elegance.

4. From Spring to Autumn

By associating several varieties with different flowering times, you will enjoy solid floral masses during most of the year (from April to October).

5. More Each Year

Planted in the right conditions*, they will proliferate over the years and form spectacular solid masses.

You therefore have no reason for not adopting these orchids, that are as rare as they are original!

* all growing information available in our Cultivation section.