Aquatic orchids that are very easy to grow.

Growth Phase

Calopogon plants develop from the beginning of spring and the flowers open out in summer (June, July). After the flowering, the foliage still remains green a few months before fading and disappearing completely during the winter dormancy.

Year by year, Calopogon will multiply thanks to the annual appearance of new shoots.

Winter Dormancy

During the winter, the plant persists in rhizome form and develops new shoots in the spring.

Calopogon are the very cold-resistant and do not require any special protection in winter.


Calopogon must be planted in wet areas and have their feet in water all year round.


These plants are well adapted to a sunny exposure on immersed soil and appreciate acidic soils (peat, sphagnum), the wet sandy soil, marshes and the banks of streams and ponds.