Spiranthes January-March
Spiranthes April-August
Spiranthes October-November
Spiranthes December

Very easy cultivation and multiplication.

Growth Phase

Unlike most other garden orchids, the flowering of the Spiranthes Chadd's Ford is autumnal (October, November). The leaf rosettes appear in the autumn (October, November) and remain visible for virtually the whole year. Indeed, those leaf rosettes fade just before the emergence of the floral scapes and new leaves develop as soon as the flowering ends.

Over the years, Spiranthes not only become stronger but also multiply, thanks to the annual appearance of new shoots.

Winter Period

The plant persists in the form of a rhizome and a leaf rosette during the winter.


Spiranthes need a light and well-aired soil. Airing the soil by means of some compost for hardy perennials is recommended.

For an optimal result, add 20% of lava stone (vulca) in order to maintain good moisture in summer and to ensure good drainage in winter.

Spiranthes can also be kept in pots in order to embellish your terraces. Be sure however to select a large enough pot (minimum diameter 30-40cm) in order to avoid impeding the development of the new shoots that will appear during the following year.In winter, in regions of severe cold (-25°C), put your pots in a cold place (maximum 5°C) sheltered from severe frost.


In the garden, the ideal place will be sunny or semi-shaded. It is important not to let the substrate dry in summer.

Fertilisation and Pesticide Treatments

Spiranthes are vulnerable to slugs, protect the young shoots.