Flowering Plant Stage

In order to meet your company’s needs as well as possible, we offer our hardy orchids at three development stages: in vitro plants, young plants and adult plants of flowering size.

Flowering Size

Adult orchids correspond to a finished product that is ready to flower.

Tray Cypripedium Reginae Rhizome Cypripedium Mix Tray


The adult plants (ready to flower) are available in growing pots during the growth period and can be delivered anywhere in the EU in trays of 10 plants (11cm pots). In this case, the delivery is ensured by road transport on CC container.

Alternatively, the orchid rhizomes or bulbs can be delivered during the dormant period (October to March) by express courier in packs of 10, 100 or 1,000 plants. For the deliveries out of the EU, a plant health certificate must accompany the shipment.

For limited quantities, we would strongly advise a shipment in the form of bulbs or rhizomes during the winter dormancy phase. In addition to the speed, this formula is also less expensive. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can together analyse the formula that suits you best…